Somatic Wellbeing for Visionaries and Leaders Community and Training Program

Calling all Creative Visionaries, Entrepreneurs, Self-Employed,Artists, Activists, Community Leaders, and Dreamers!

The Visioning Body Presents: Somatic Wellbeing for Visionaries and Leaders Community and Training Program

with Lee Fogel

Feb-May 2014.

What the Program Includes

  • 8 experiential small-group workshops (35 contact hours) designed specially for leaders, creatives and entrepreneurs, and catered to the needs of individual participants:
  1. Holding Space for Your Body — Tracking sensations and tending your somatic needs as a leader and creative person.
  2. Rest, Digest, Activate – Supporting your on physiological and emotional cycles of relaxation, digestion and taking action.
  3. Community and Support – Exploring needs, desires and somatic methods for witnessing and peer support.  Learning to pay attention and honor your somatic sense of boundaries.
  4. Riding your flow of Emotions  — Honoring fear, excitement, shame, etc. and moving with grounded creativity.
  5. Re-envisioning Time  Learning to move with and organize time in ways that support you most.
  6. Let the Body Dream your Callings — A playful and embodied approach to life visioning.
  7. Money on the Mind, Money on the Body — Tending yours somato-emotional relationship to money.
  8. Celebrating and Honoring your Journey — Developing art of celebration during an ongoing process of visioning and creation.
  • 3 hour-long Private Sessions to support your unique process and projects, and to help you integrate approaches learned in the workshops.
  • Lessons, exercises and group activities designed based on your particular projects, needs and interests.
  • Prompts and materials to inspire your work and self-care in between sessions.
  • 1 Group Distant Reiki session to support your process, projects, and the group community.
  • A one-one-one follow-up conversation focusing on next steps in your process.
  • An online Graduates Forum, encouraging continued community after you complete the program.

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