2021: Self-Massage Series

photo credit Emily Wren

These virtual workshops offer you strategies to get grounded, increase circulation, and release tension. Learn massage techniques and stretches to address particular areas of concern.  With time for your questions, you’ll leave each workshop with a plan to find nervous system regulation and relief from pain anytime. All bodies are welcome and variations will be offered based on differences in mobility and ability.   Drop in for one, or make it a weekly ritual.

Julia’s workshops teach much more than how to massage yourself. They are experiences in deepening body relaxation and awareness through slow, gentle, mindful self-exploration informed by a solid understanding of the nervous system and interconnectedness of the whole body. I keep taking this workshop because they are never the same and each time I access more of myself.”

“So useful to learn different ways to relieve pain and open body pathways in this time where so much tension and anxiety is being stored in my body. Thank you for all the tools and exercises! Each class was jam packed with great activities to go back to later. Thank you!”

“Julia’s self massage workshop illuminated wonderfully how easy it can be to give your body some TLC when you can’t make it to a professional massage. I highly recommend this course and Julia as an instructor!”

Week 1: Hips and lower back
Week 2: Neck, head, jaw, face
Week 3: Shoulders, chest, arms, hands
Week 4: Feet, legs, and knees

Next round starts Thursday, March 18th and runs for a total of four consecutive Thursdays from 9-10am. Recordings and private email Q&A available for those who can’t make this time. Email Julia @ threshold wellness.com with questions.

These workshops take place on Zoom. Once you register, I’ll send you a link to join.

*As indicated in the photo above, two 4 inch inflatable ball are required for this class. Here is a link to purchase a pack of six. You can also pick two of them up from Threshold for $8 by emailing me Julia @ Thresholdwellness.com. You will also need one firmer ball such as a tennis ball. These are incredibly helpful tools for self-massage that will last a very long time. If this is a barrier for you in any way, please let me know!

Workshop Series Cost: Sliding scale $60-$120


Self-Massage THUR *9AM-10AM* (You decide what you can pay)