IMG_6681Join Julia for a morning of self-care. Our physical bodies do a miraculous job healing from injury and surgery, closing up large and small openings so that we can continue on with our lives. Still, after our tissue pulls together, there is almost always new pain, discomfort, or numbness sometimes even places that seem unrelated. On top of that, the visible evidence of surgery may be upsetting or feel too public.

In this workshop, I want to teach you how to use your scar, no matter how old or new*, large or small, as a handle for healing:

  • Decrease the size and visibility of your scar
  • Bring greater range of motion to joints, muscles and skin around the scar
  • Increase hydration, metabolism, and resilience where your scar once limited these abilities.
  • Give more space for processing emotions sometimes secretly stashed in the tight scar tissue

This two-hour, hands-on workshop allows you to:

  • Discover why your touch matters to scars – get the (mind-blowingly beautiful) basics on the anatomy and physiology of scars so you can understand how your surface attention effects your depths.
  • Approach touch with care and holistic intention so that your emotions and physical sensations can meet and magnify your healing.
  • Learn proper scar tissue release techniques and take home a plan, so that you can take action beyond this workshop.
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Feel free to contact her with questions at: JULIA@THRESHOLDWELLNESS.COM

Julia is a bodyworker and educator. She has been a licensed and certified massage therapist since 2008, taught anatomy and physiology at massage school, and founded Threshold Wellness in 2013. She works with people who are interested in expanding their relationship to the body for big healing, breakthroughs, and enjoyment. Her deep listening, both with her ears and hands, allow those she works with to get clear on what they need at a gut level, and get to a place that feels better. She offers self-massage workshops, individual bodywork programs, and space for healing professionals to practice in community. 

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