Peter Richan (Massage)

Peter Richan is a certified massage therapist practicing for 17 years in
 Philadelphia. He combines aspects of myofascial release, trigger point
 therapy, meridian clearing, deep tissue massage, as well as mechanical and 
structural integration, to help clients find ease of movement in exercise,
 dance, and everyday life.

Peter’s study of the Alexander Technique, 
stretching, and structure and mechanics of the anatomy has kept him feeling 
good over his long career as well as helped him support clients to become
 more aware of their bodies and bring home useful information from sessions into their lives.

Available on Tuesdays & Fridays.

For appointments a few days or more in advance, email peterrichan @ or call: (hm) 215-336-6857.  For appointments day of, call: (m) 215-207-6811

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