Lisa Gambino, LCSW, RYT

As a therapist and certified yoga instructor, ​Lisa is passionate about helping clients find their life’s balance. Lisa believes in structuring sessions around the individual while providing a calm space for clients to navigate their experiences. Her eclectic approaches to yoga and therapy mirror one another; she believes that the spiritual, physical, and emotional experiences in the body are not separate, but rather, interconnect. Lisa finds value in considering the whole person. In addition, Lisa has over 9 years experience working with young people ages 14-21 and has taught yoga for adults since May 2015. She specializes in mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques for anxiety and depression, trauma-informed practice, yoga for breast cancer survivors, domestic violence intervention, and anger management techniques. Lisa is open to working with folks from all walks of life and is excited to hold space for those interested in yoga and/or therapy. Lisa is currently accepting new clients and can be reached via phone at 908-917-0568 or  Find out more at her website here.