Dr. Una Velasquez-Manoff (She/Her), Physical Therapist, Health Coach, Movement Specialist

Una graduated from Temple University in 2010 with a Doctor of Physical Therapy and has since worked in a variety of therapy settings throughout Philadelphia.  In her over 10 years of working as a physical therapist, Una has successfully treated hundreds of patients with a wide range of activity levels, physical abilities and diagnoses, including running injuries, chronic back pain, difficulty eating due to jaw pain, and recovery from prolonged hospitalization. Una’s success with her patients stems from her compassionate, integrative, and individualized approach.  Her dedication to her trade has led her to seek out training in Medical Therapeutic Yoga, The Selective Functional Movement Screening system, pain management/education, and to become a board certified orthopedic clinical specialist. 

Una’s passion lies in movement and the positive impact movement has on the body, mind, and spirit. She is eager to share this passion and watch her clients reap the benefits.  Whether you want to get back to running, dancing, yoga, working out or you just want to have a better relationship with your body, Una can help you feel and be better. Whatever your goals may be, let Una help you achieve them.  

Una grew up in the Southwest where she spent her free time horseback riding, skiing and dancing. She now lives in Fishtown with her husband, two children and dog, Pepper.  Una enjoys taking in the city-scape while running, finding new ways to move, and collecting plants.  Una offers physical therapy and health coaching services so you don’t have to have a specific injury to see her.  

To set up a free discovery call to discuss goals and services please send email to movewithuna@gmail.com or go to movewithuna.com for more information.