Carrie Powell (therapy and reiki)


I believe that therapy can be playful-engaging-transformative ground for new beginnings to emerge.  If you are looking to collaborate on: cultivating a deeper sense of yourself, becoming more free from habitual reactions, or developing sustainable self care practices, I would love to meet you!  If you are seeking support with imagining ways for your child to thrive, I am here to help.

I utilize all of the arts and creative expression in my practice as a mental health counselor.  I am eclectic and holistic in my approach, integrating my background as an artist with my training as an Expressive Arts Therapist.   Woven into this practice is a working knowledge of a variety of complementary theories and practices including: how the gut microbiome and brain are an allied axis, the impact of nutrition on mood, mindfulness based stress reduction techniques, energy medicine and energy healing.  I work with those who are seeking an alternative experience to traditional talk therapy, where we can tune in together to the alchemical process of healing via aesthetic and energetic expression.

Areas of interest include: children/adults who identify as being a Highly Sensitive Person, navigating life transitions, times of transformation, symptoms of depression and anxiety, parenting strain, spiritual development. I understand the challenges that the Highly Sensitive Person and Empath encounter in our stimulating world, and how these sensory overwhelms impact mental health.

I combine lifestyle/nutrition coaching with mental health counseling to assist individuals in moving from surviving to thriving.

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To contact me directly to set up a free initial phone consultation, call: (267) 587-6176