Amanda Ream, LCSW, MSW, MEd (therapy)


Amanda is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and sexuality educator who works with adults and older adolescents. Her specialties and interests include: relational & sexual concerns, anxiety, depression, transitional struggles, self-esteem, vulnerability & shame, and individuals with (or supporting those with) chronic disabilities, illnesses and/or pain.

Message from Amanda: I see our therapeutic relationship, as a collaborative and healing one. We will use our time together, to better understand your struggles and hopes, while finding new ways to cope with the stressors of life. Emphasis will be placed on examining the entirety of your being: mind, body and spirit. By creating a space where you feel comfortable, safe and free to be vulnerable, you will begin to discover a new relationship with yourself and the world around you. Just like life, therapy can be challenging at times, but as you give way to vulnerability (with my support), your desire to live a more authentic, connected and fulfilling life, will become possible. I value the use of empathy, humor and mindfulness-based, cognitive behavioral, psychodynamic, feminist, and attachment-based techniques.

Available: Amanda is currently accepting new clients. If you’re interested in scheduling a phone consultation or appointment, Amanda can be reached at: 267-994-7640 or via email: Website: currently under construction