IMG_2757Amanda Ream


Amanda is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and sexuality educator who works with adults and older adolescents. Her specialties and interests include: relational & sexual concerns, anxiety, depression, transitional struggles, self-esteem, vulnerability & shame, and individuals with (or supporting those with) chronic disabilities, illnesses and/or pain.

Amanda is currently accepting new clients. If you’re interested in scheduling a phone consultation or appointment, Amanda can be reached at: 267-994-7640 or via email:

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Anastasia Fujii


Anastasia holds a Master of Social Work from the Smith College School for Social Work and has trained as a full-spectrum doula. Anastasia is available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. To read more about Anastasia’s practice, please visit To schedule a brief phone consultation or first session, contact Anastasia by email at

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Lisa Gambino

Therapy and Yoga

As a therapist and certified yoga instructor, ​Lisa is passionate about helping clients find their life’s balance. She specializes in mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques for anxiety and depression, trauma-informed practice, yoga for breast cancer survivors, domestic violence intervention, and anger management techniques. Lisa is open to working with folks from all walks of life and is excited to hold space for those interested in yoga and/or therapy. Lisa is currently accepting new clients and can be reached via phone at 908-917-0568 or  Find out more at her website here.

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BethBeth Jellinek


I provide a safe and nurturing environment to hold and integrate the complex and intense experiences of life. Using creative modalities like art and play therapy, mindfulness practices, cognitive-behavioral techniques, and insight-based talk therapy, I work with clients on their journey to grow, heal, and reach their full potential. Areas of expertise include grief and loss, depression, anxiety, trauma recovery, adjustment issues, self-esteem, existential crises, and interpersonal relationships. I bring a deep sense of empathy, non-judgment, creativity, warmth, and sense of humor to the therapeutic relationship.  Contact: 215.804.4137  Website: 

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Peter 2Peter Richan


Peter Richan is a certified massage therapist practicing for 17 years in
 Philadelphia. He combines aspects of myofascial release, trigger point
 therapy, meridian clearing, deep tissue massage, as well as mechanical and 
structural integration, to help clients find ease of movement in exercise,
 dance, and everyday life. For appointments a few days or more in advance, email peterrichan @ or call: (hm) 215-336-6857.  For appointments day of call: (m) 215-207-6811

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Jessica L. Peters

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine

Jessica Lyn Peters, L.Om., is a licensed Oriental Medicine Practitioner certified by the Pennsylvania Board of Medicine. She graduated with honors from Yo San University in Los Angeles, CA and received a MATCM (Master of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine), which includes the practices of acupuncture and Chinese herbal formulations. She has deep respect for both the science and the art of Chinese medicine and has devoted herself to the life-long study of its many aspects from modern and ancient techniques to practical and esoteric applications. She believes in providing a harmonious space where her patients can relax, be heard and receive individualized care. 

Additional info can be found at
Schedule an appointment by calling (310) 429-1132 or click to HERE

Screen Shot 2013-09-06 at 8.29.29 AMMissy Meyers


Missy Meyers started her massage career over a decade ago. Her personalized sessions combine various techniques and modalities for a complete healing experience. Whether you are dealing with a sports injury, TMJ pain, headaches, or just all over wear and tear of the body, Missy will work with you to figure out the right bodywork plan. She offers and combines Deep tissue, Myofascial Release, TMJ massage, prenatal massage and a wide array of stretching techniques. At its core, Missy believes there should be a balance of relaxation and therapy in each massage. Her goal is to meaningfully connect with you and transcend the massage table.

Missy may be reached by phone at  443-554-0262 or by email at

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April Shaver


I have been providing therapeutic massage since 2005, working in medical and spa settings. My goal is always to connect with my clients so they can receive the maximum benefits of each massage. I believe in what I do and enjoy making a difference in people’s lives.  I use a Swedish based massage and incorporate other techniques depending on the needs of my client. Every massage is unique.  I offer work with pregnant women, reflexology, and much more.

I am available Mondays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.  You can reach me at or 267-235-0362 or book here

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Caitlyn King

Individual, Relational, Sex Therapy, & Coaching

Caitlyn is an individual and relational psychotherapist, who specializes in working with clients who have attentional difficulties or learning differences such as ADHD, whether in a couple, family, or individual setting, as well as working with those experiencing perceived sexual dysfunctions. She has experience working with anxiety or mood disorders such as Obsessive- Compulsive Disorder, as well as those experiencing grief, trauma, or significant life transitions. Caitlyn enjoys working with creative individuals, and uses warmth and humor frequently to facilitate a safe environment where clients can explore and integrate parts of their identities.

Caitlyn can be reached directly at (267) 908-4482

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Tara Nayak

 Naturopathic Medicine

As a naturopathic physician I am trained and happy to handle any health concern as a general practitioner. I specialize in the treatment of chronic diseases, digestive issues, and hormonal imbalances. Health puzzle solving is my passion! Whether a patient is dealing with an acute illness, trying to prevent future problems, or dealing with a lifelong health issue that hasn’t been figured out, I work to uncover the underlying causes of health concerns and provide lasting solutions that fit into my patients’ busy lifestyles! In clinical practice I use the world’s best technologies such as genomic and microbiome analysis to assess whole health combined with treatments focused on personalized nutrition and botanical (herbal) supplementation.​ I am currently accepting patients of all ages and offering a free 10 minute phone consultation as an opportunity to chat about how I can help you feel better! Please visit my website here or reach me by email at

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Ariana Tosatto


As a professional counselor, art therapist and Certified Hakomi Practitioner (a unique, mindfulness-based, somatic therapy), I utilize expressive and body-based modalities that move the therapeutic process past, “just talking”, into deeper layers of experience. The process of talking is typically linear, rational and often relies on information we already know. However, the lived experience of our personal challenges are often quite the opposite: non-linear, messy and confusing. Because of this, we need approaches that get us “out of our head” and instead into our hearts, bodies and then minds. From a more integrated perspective, we not only see our blockages with more clarity and compassion, but further strengthen the connection with our inner- most self that drives us towards growth, and the personal transformation we are seeking.

Click here to book a free introductory session: https://ariana-

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Seyaki Harris


 Sekayi is a graduate of Cortiva Institute/ Steiner Education Group.  Sekayi’s approach to healing is based on the individual needs of her clients, keeping in mind the body’s need for balance between mind, body, and spirit. Sekayi believes in tailoring a massage towards the individual needs of each client by using multiple modalities to get the best results possible In her massage; she specializes in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Sports Massage,  Myofasical Release, and several others.  She prides herself on her ability to care and listen to the needs of others.  She is well versed in anatomy and physiology, pathology, and ethics. Her goal as a massage therapist is to assist and invite clients into actively participating in their own health and wellness.

Sekayi is available Wednesday and Thursday.  Appointments available with a few days in advance by phone 267-582-4346 or email

Julia Taylor

Craniosacral Therapy and Massage

Julia Taylor is the director of Threshold Wellness.  She is a nationally certified massage therapist, practicing Myofascial Release, Craniosacral Therapy, and therapeutic massage in Fishtown, Philadelphia. Julia teaches anatomy and physiology and self-care workshops.   Now, in her fifth year doing bodywork, she offers therapeutic touch with a deep listening, and trust in the body’s capacity to transform, heal, and amaze. To find out more about Julia and her offerings, go to