Ariana Tosatto (Therapy)

As a professional counselor, art therapist and Certified Hakomi Practitioner (a unique, mindfulness-based, somatic therapy), I utilize expressive and body-based modalities that move the therapeutic process past, “just talking”, into deeper layers of experience. The process of talking is typically linear, rational and often relies on information we already know. However, the lived experience of our personal challenges are often quite the opposite: non-linear, messy and confusing. Because of this, we need approaches that get us “out of our head” and instead into our hearts, bodies and then minds. From a more integrated perspective, we not only see our blockages with more clarity and compassion, but further strengthen the connection with our inner- most self that drives us towards growth, and the personal transformation we are seeking.

In an atmosphere of safety and genuine collaboration, I help my clients become aware of unconscious habits of body and mind, building insight into how these patterns lend us protection while also inhibiting deep healing and creative growth. The people I work with are individuals who are seeking personal growth, and are interested in dynamic, creative and engaging therapeutic modalities.

Some of the areas I specialize in are:

    • Pre and postpartum support & support for parents
    • Life transitions (marriage, childbirth, moving, etc.)
    • Working through familiar patterns of feeling and reacting that never seem to bring satisfaction
    • Inner child work
    • Self- esteem issues
  • Attachment-based relational work focused on couples or families

  To learn more visit:

To reach Ariana directly, call (267) 571- 8124

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Anastasia Fujii (Therapy)

I believe that therapy begins with the building of a strong, collaborative relationship. Through the creation of this alliance, it becomes possible to discover an individual, couple or family’s goals for treatment and to engage dynamically in the therapeutic process. I see therapy as a space for growth and healing, co-created and nurtured by both client and clinician. My practice is psychodynamic, relational, and at its core holistic, recognizing and integrating the biological, psychological, and social aspects of experience, as well as the individual, institutional, and cultural roots of issues as they arise. I have a deep awareness of the profound impact of oppression on the psyche and am dedicated to maintaining a practice that is affirming of all identities and experiences. Areas of expertise include LGBTQ+ identity, family planning, addressing trauma, and surviving chronic illness, though I welcome diversity of focus in my practice.”

Anastasia holds a Master of Social Work from the Smith College School for Social Work and has trained as a full-spectrum doula. Anastasia is available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. To read more about Anastasia’s practice, please visit To schedule a brief phone consultation or first session, contact Anastasia by email at

BethBeth Jellinek (Therapy)

I am a licensed professional counselor; my framework is holistic, with an awareness of cultural and systemic impacts on mental health. I bring deep empathy, openness, creativity, warmth, and a sense of humor to the therapeutic relationship. Using modalities of mindfulness practices, insight-based talk therapy, and CBT, we will work together to integrate your experiences that need healing and/or understanding. I believe that the therapeutic process can impact my clients ability to grow, heal, and reach their full potential. Areas of expertise include grief and loss, depression, anxiety, self-esteem, family transitions, aggression, existential crises, and interpersonal relationships.

Sometimes life can be overwhelming; talking to a non-judgmental professional in a safe and nurturing space is one avenue to acceptance and momentum. Please give me a call for a free phone consultation to see if we are a good fit. I look forward to speaking with you!

Available: Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays

Contact: (267) 225-0424


Carrie Powell (Therapy)

I believe that therapy can be playful-engaging-transformative ground for new beginnings to emerge.  If you are looking to collaborate on: cultivating a deeper sense of yourself, becoming more free from habitual reactions, or developing sustainable self care practices, I would love to meet you!  If you are seeking support with imagining ways for your child to thrive, I am here to help.


I utilize all of the arts and creative expression in my practice as a mental health counselor.  I am eclectic and holistic in my approach, integrating my background as an artist with my training as an Expressive Arts Therapist.   Woven into this practice is a working knowledge of a variety of complementary theories and practices including: how the gut microbiome and brain are an allied axis, the impact of nutrition on mood, mindfulness based stress reduction techniques, energy medicine and energy healing.  I work with those who are seeking an alternative experience to traditional talk therapy, where we can tune in together to the alchemical process of healing via aesthetic and energetic expression.

Areas of interest include: children/adults who identify as being a Highly Sensitive Person, navigating life transitions, times of transformation, symptoms of depression and anxiety, parenting strain, spiritual development. I understand the challenges that the Highly Sensitive Person and Empath encounter in our stimulating world, and how these sensory overwhelms impact mental health.

I combine lifestyle/nutrition coaching with mental health counseling to assist individuals in moving from surviving to thriving.

For more information, please see:

To contact me directly to set up a free initial phone consultation, call: (267) 587-6176

Dr. Kateryna Dukenski (Licensed Psychologist)

I am doctoral level psychologist, with 17 years of experience providing psychotherapy to individuals and couples. The world of relationships is my main specialty and development of deep therapeutic connection with each person is at the heart of my work. My main goal in each session is to help my clients to untangle anything that might be standing in the way of their authentic relationship with others and themselves.

I believe in the power of spoken words. By creating a safe, compassion-filled therapeutic space I encourage a meaningful conversation where clients can experience strength in their vulnerability, develop insight and self-compassion. I seek to understand a person in their full complexity within their families, communities and a large context of their ancestral and cultural wisdom. Given I identify with three different cultures I am especially sensitive to a diverse range of experience of being a human.

My therapeutic toolbox includes traditional and modern psychoanalytic psychotherapy combined with the wide range of mindfulness and body-centered approaches to healing. I am currently studying the family constellations process which I am utilizing in my work with trauma.

Some of my specialties include treatment of anxiety, depression, relationship issues, perfectionism, low self-esteem, trans-generational trauma, PTSD, personal growth, postpartum and parenting issues, dynamics in relation to adult children of alcoholics and narcissistic abuse. I am also passionate about working with persons suffering from psychotic disorders, personality disorders and adults with high functioning autism.

I know how important it is to find a therapist who feels just right for you and I know how the journey of finding one can be daunting. Feel free to reach out with any questions. If you want to learn more about my practice, feel free to call, email me and visit my website at, (484)4413322,

Peter Richan (Massage)

Peter Richan is a certified massage therapist practicing for 17 years in
 Philadelphia. He combines aspects of myofascial release, trigger point
 therapy, meridian clearing, deep tissue massage, as well as mechanical and 
structural integration, to help clients find ease of movement in exercise,
 dance, and everyday life.

Peter’s study of the Alexander Technique, 
stretching, and structure and mechanics of the anatomy has kept him feeling 
good over his long career as well as helped him support clients to become
 more aware of their bodies and bring home useful information from sessions into their lives.

Available on Tuesdays & Fridays.

For appointments a few days or more in advance, email peterrichan @ or call: (hm) 215-336-6857.  For appointments day of, call: (m) 215-207-6811

Screen Shot 2013-09-06 at 8.29.29 AMMissy Meyers (Massage)

Baltimore Native Missy Meyers, started her massage career over a decade ago. Her personalized sessions combine various techniques and modalities for a complete healing experience. Whether you are dealing with a sports injury, TMJ pain, headaches, or just all over wear and tear of the body, Missy will work with you to figure out the right bodywork plan. She offers and combines Deep tissue, Myofascial Release, TMJ massage, prenatal massage and a wide array of stretching techniques. At its core, Missy believes there should be a balance of relaxation and therapy in each massage. Her goal is to meaningfully connect with you and transcend the massage table

Missy may be reached by phone at  443-554-0262 or by email at

April Shaver (Massage)

I have been providing therapeutic massage since 2005, working in medical and spa settings. My goal is always to connect with my clients so they can receive the maximum benefits of each massage. I believe in what I do and enjoy making a difference in people’s lives.  I use a Swedish based massage and incorporate other techniques depending on the needs of my client. Every massage is unique.  I offer work with pregnant women, reflexology, warm bamboo, and much more.

I am available Mondays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.  You can reach me at or 267-235-0362,  book online here, or buy a gift card here.

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Julia Taylor (Craniosacral Therapy and Massage)

Julia Taylor is the director of Threshold Wellness.  She is a nationally certified massage therapist, practicing Myofascial Release, Craniosacral Therapy, and therapeutic massage in Fishtown, Philadelphia. Julia teaches anatomy and physiology and self-care workshops.   Now, in her fifth year doing bodywork, she offers therapeutic touch with a deep listening, and trust in the body’s capacity to transform, heal, and amaze. To find out more about Julia and her offerings, go to


Tara Nayak (Naturopathic Medicine)

As a naturopathic doctor I am trained and happy to handle any health concern as a general practitioner. I specialize in the treatment of chronic diseases, digestive issues, and hormonal imbalances. Health puzzle solving is my passion! Whether a patient is dealing with an acute illness, trying to prevent future problems, or dealing with a lifelong health issue that hasn’t been figured out, I work to uncover the underlying causes of health concerns and provide lasting solutions that fit into my patients’ busy lifestyles!

I hope to provide the Philadelphia community with a different option: a doctor that listens and works to understand rather than just to eliminate symptoms. In clinical practice I use the world’s best technologies such as genomic and microbiome analysis to assess whole health combined with treatments focused on personalized nutrition and botanical (herbal) supplementation.​ I am currently accepting patients of all ages and offering a free 10 minute phone consultation as an opportunity to chat about how I can help you feel better! Please visit my website here .
Contact and Appointment Scheduling 
Telephone: (215) 485-3427

Bec Jimenez (Acupuncture)

Bec Jimenez L.Ac. is a graduate of the Won Institute in Glenside, PA where she earned her Masters degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Bec believes that in order to truly heal, you must treat and honor all three points of health: body, mind and spirit. When all three aspects of the person are addressed, full health and wellness can be obtained. Bec was originally introduced to acupuncture when it helped her break an 8 year long nicotine addiction, while helping her ease and reverse her own personal PCOS and hormonal imbalance symptoms.

Bec specializes in treating women with reproductive health issues, specifically:

  • Hormonal and menstrual imbalance caused by Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
  • Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD).
  • Infertility caused by Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
  • Idiopathic infertility

Bec also has extensive experience treating post operative scar tissue formations with the use of electroacupuncture techniques. Electroacupuncture aids in expediting the skin’s ability to undergo cellular renewal to repair the tissue and regain neurological sensation in the affected area.

Some examples of post operative scar work:

  • Scars from accidents
  • Cesarean section
  • Skin cancer
  • Mastectomy
  • Gender-affirming surgery (top surgery)

In addition to her specialities listed above, Bec has had success treating:

  • Musculoskeletal and Neurological Disorders
  • Eye, Ear, Nose, Throat Disorders
  • Circulatory Disorders
  • Gastrointestinal Disorders
  • Cosmetic Issues
  • Gynecological / Genitourinary Disorders
  • Immune Disorders
  • Addiction
  • Emotional and Psychological Disorders
  • Respiratory Disorders

Contact Bec Jimenez at 978-870-6912,, or

(photo by Lightgazing Photography ig: @lightgazings)

Taylor Cawley (front desk)

Taylor Cawley is the front desk assistant for Threshold Wellness, the office manager for Threshold’s naturopath, Dr. Tara Nayak, and an assistant to Threshold’s resident artist, Jarmel Reitz. Taylor joined Threshold in the spring of 2019, where their love of organization, detail, and communication makes them a happy helping hand for everyone who walks through the door. Coming to Threshold has allowed Taylor more time and energy for their creative pursuits as a theatre artist, both independently and with Shoe Box Theatre Collective ( Taylor also works at West Philly Community Acupuncture, does work exchange at Studio 34 in West Philly (where they also did their yoga teacher training in 2017), and is attuned as a Level II Reiki practitioner.

Taylor enjoys spending time making animal friends, being near water, shouting about astrology and tarot with their fellow witches, thinking about gender, fantasizing about their next art piece, eating falafel, and traipsing about West Philly. Find them on instagram @tayloracawley.


Jarmél by Jarmel (artist)

Adding sunshine and rainbows to this sick sad world.

Jarmel Reitz is a ceramics and multimedia artist who runs her studio out of the basement at Threshold Wellness. Jarmel is a Philly local, and all her clay is sourced from Pennsylvania, and all glazes are non-toxic + lead free + made in the USA. Jarmel loves working with people to create custom work that will makes your dreams come alive! You can check out all her rad work and learn more at, and look in on her instagram @jarmelbyjarmel for even more inspiration.