Threshold Wellness is a collection of professionals dedicated to providing health-based services and education to Fishtown residents and beyond. We scaffold new connections to wellness, and hold open a space to heal in a variety of ways.

Our offerings include: massage therapy, yoga, Reiki, somatic visioning, craniosacral therapy, acupuncture, classes, workshops and much more.  We see therapeutic touch as a necessity and take our work and your goals and visions seriously.

Interested in becoming a Threshold Practitioner or using the space?

Right now there’s availability for healing professionals interested in renting three days a week or one and a half days a week.  Weekends in the group space are available for workshops and classes.  Send email inquiries to julia @ thresholdwellness.com.

Why Threshold?

Threshold: the place or point of beginning; the outset.

Every moment offers us the opportunity to begin anew, our cells are regenerating and repairing, our understandings of ourselves and the world are open to examination and change.  We have what we need to heal and feel well at all times.  Stepping into Threshold Wellness invites you to focus that energy through the communally held intention of healing.