Mindfulness Immersion

If you:

  • Notice you are lodged in one kind of emotion a lot of the time.
  • Relationships feel stale, conflict ridden, or function mostly on autopilot
  • Feel an urge to act but are having trouble finding an authentic way to do so
  • Are going through a challenging time
  • Want to allow in more joy

…this program is for you.

We will be focusing in on three elements of mindfulness practice:

Walk away:

  • Feeling more free to respond rather than react
  • Experiencing more honesty within yourself
  • Cultivating greater intimacy with those you’re closest to
  • With a deepened connection and dialogue with your body
  • Experiencing more happiness and enjoyment of life
  • Empowered to practice mindfulness anytime or even feeling it to be a way of life

Threshold practitioners, Julia and Beth, started What Is: Mindfulness, an organization that brings mindfulness education to children and adults. As we set out into our Spring programs in schools, we are seeking more funding and opportunities to share. So, we created a way to do both! If you want to see more mindfulness education for students and have been wanting to deepen or begin a practice of your own, this program is for you.
Sunday, April 9th, from 11am-3:30pm

Cost: $295
Register here

In the first part, we will delve deeper into an introduction to a mindfulness practice, with a focus on our mind. We will learn to pay attention to our thoughts without judgement. We will gain tools and practices to allow thoughts and feelings to flow, rather than the experience of getting stuck in unhelpful thought patterns. Labeling thoughts and feelings, with compassion, can reduce the sensation of stress and allow for more present living.

The second Sunday will be devoted to noticing how your body plays a role in your experience of now. Drawing from craniosacral therapy, somatic experiencing, and anatomical specificity, Julia will offer you insight into how feeling and sensation can shift your experience of the present moment, tools to regulate your own nervous system, and anatomy to support your ability to become more intimate with your body.

We will finish out the series by swimming into the realm of the heart. As an integral part of mindfulness, the ability to cultivate feelings of closeness to the self and others would never be left out of our agenda. We will practice intentional thought and reflect on what comes up as we cultivate love. Everyone needs and can have more of this practice, and studies show the effects of the happiness that is generated reverberate out into the wider community.

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