Kelsey Baker (she/her) Pediatric Occupational Therapist

Kelsey, MS OTR/L is a Holistic Pediatric Occupational Therapist with a decade of experience. She lives in Fishtown, Philadelphia with her husband and two children. Kelsey attended Ithaca College for undergraduate and graduate school, and moved to Philadelphia shortly after graduating with her Masters in Occupational Therapy. She has worked in pediatrics in NYS and Philadelphia for most of her career, and while doing so Kelsey has completed extensive training in craniosacral therapy, myofascial release, sensory processing and regulation, feeding, and lactation counseling.

About Occupational Therapy:

Occupational therapy is the only profession that helps people across the lifespan to do the things they want and need to do through the therapeutic use of daily activities (occupations). Occupational therapists enable people of all ages to live life to its fullest by helping them promote health, and prevent—or live better with—injury, illness, or disability. 

Infants and children engage in the occupations of eating, sleeping, eliminating, and playing – if they are unable to participate in any of these occupations or if participation is challenging (ie difficulty nursing for babies/difficulty reaching milestones/difficulty regulating emotions), occupational therapy can help. 

What do sessions look like?

Throughout Kelsey’s experience she has become committed to working with the caregiver-child dyad through early development to encourage secure attachment, use sensory-based solutions, and become confident in parenting their unique child. 

Kelsey is now offering virtual, in-home, and in-office sessions to address infant breastfeeding difficulties, transitioning to solids, picky eating and problem feeding, developmental and behavioral concerns, and parent coaching. After each session clients receive a written overview of the session as well as a list of recommendations given to work on at home in between sessions. This type of therapy works best when strategies are implemented into your day to day life, making small but specific changes to better support you and your child’s goals. To set up a free 15-min consultation to see if services are right for you and your family, please contact Kelsey at If you decide to move forward with services you will receive an intake questionnaire and schedule an initial evaluation with Kelsey lasting 60-90 min.