Intensive Migraine Recovery Treatment

Bec Jimenez, Julia Taylor, and Tara Nayak at Threshold Wellness

You have headaches and we’ve been listening! The practitioners here at Threshold Wellness have noticed a large upswing in the amount of people seeking help for migraines over the past few months. We want to take care of you and we know that the best way is with a multifaceted approach.

Threshold Wellness has combined some of its forces to create a new offering, the Intensive Migraine Recovery Treatment.

Chronic migraines can interrupt life; whether it’s as simple as changing your mood or as debilitating as interfering with work or other daily activities. Taking back the reins with this (6 week intensive?) can get you back to balance and pain free living!

Our three pronged approach puts your care in the hands of three of our best practitioners with three different perspectives and healing modalities. We will incorporate naturopathic medicine with Dr. Tara Nayak, ND, neuro-acupuncture with Bec Jimenez, L.Ac as well as neural manipulation and craniosacral therapy with Julia Taylor, LMT.

Here is a little more of what each practitioner has to say about their work:

Naturopathic Medicine with Tara Nayak

    No matter where you are on your journey to healing (tried it all or just started figuring it out) there are ways naturopathic medicine can help! Unfortunately, there are very few conditions that have just ONE “smoking gun”. Through understanding that migraines typically arise from multiple root causes we can begin to tackle each one and gain progress from each direction. Each naturopathic protocol must be tailored to the individual and will include dietary recommendations, supplements, and lifestyle changes.

By opening up the organs of elimination using complex homeopathics, herbs, and nutrients we can begin to “clean up the brain”, balance hormones, eliminate toxins, reduce inflammation, improve circulation and decrease frequency and severity of migraines. This, combined with the structural and energetic work of craniosacral therapy and neurological acupuncture, is the best approach to PREVENTIVE migraine medicine.

Neurological Acupuncture with Bec Jimenez

Neurological acupuncture is a special system of acupuncture that combines cutting edge neuroscience and current evidence based acupuncture clinical research. With neuro-acupuncture, we can intentionally target specific neurotransmitters and receptors in the brain that have been shown to decrease the level of pain producing inflammatory substances in the nerves and blood vessels surrounding brain tissue.

By targeting nerve tissue in the brain and body we can greatly reduce the occurrence of migraines by depolarizing the excited and over stimulated nerve roots for pain management.  Each neuro acupuncture treatment will work on targeting the patient’s specific needs because no two migraines are alike.

Craniosacral Therapy and Neural Manipulation with Julia Taylor

CST and NM are gentle hands-on techniques which target specific structures to release strain patterns that perpetuate migraines. By removing restrictions in the tissues surrounding the brain and spinal cord, inside of the brain, and nerve tissue, all the systems in your body have access to the ease and optimal functioning they want most. In this work, most find deep relaxation, relief, and insight. Follow these links for more information on Craniosacral Therapy and for Neural Manipulation.

Package Includes:

1 Consultation with Dr. Nayak (1 hour)

6 Acupuncture sessions with Bec (1 hour each)

3 Craniosacral sessions with Julia (1 hour each)

Total cost = $995

Ideally, all of your sessions will happen within a time period of six weeks.

BONUS! All migraine package participants will receive a 10% discount on any supplements purchased at Threshold Wellness or via Dr. Nayak’s Online Dispensary.

If you’re interested in starting this program, please contact

Taylor Cawley, front desk manager,

Please provide your name, e-mail, phone number, and the best way and time of day to reach you.

We look forward to seeing you soon! With love, Threshold Wellness

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