How can what you see dramatically effect how you feel?


occiputReminding Anatomy: 4-part anatomy workshop 


Whether you struggle with constant pain and discomfort, have fallen out of meaningful relationship with your body, or want to know what’s happening behind your skin without having to take a dry anatomy and physiology course, this workshop is for you.  By looking at and then feeling your own anatomy, your options for acting on your own to feel great expand in unexpected ways.

In this workshop, you are invited to a join me, and a small group of others, as you learn about and gain access to your body’s pains, mysteries, and healing in new ways. Combine tangible anatomy education with play, dialogue, and tools to expand the resources you have to access your body’s intuition, ability to heal, and live an empowered and pleasurably embodied life.
You will learn basic anatomy of muscles, bones, organs, nerves, blood, and fascia through a variety of means:


  • Image viewing – using interactive tools and my favorite books.
  • Palpation – touch of self and each other to truly know where things are.
  • Massage – of self and each other to help the anatomy sink in and remind you of how good it can feel to be in a body.

You will also learn how your relationship to your anatomy shifts your experience in the world:

  • How to communicate with your body for results such as decreasing pain and more spot on decision making
  • Languages your body uses to communicate
  • What can keep you from hearing what your body is trying to tell you


When: Wednesday evenings from 6:00-7:30 p.m., January 29th – February 19th,2014

Register here or email julia @ for more information


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