Holidays at Every Size

The holidays can be challenging for those recovering from disordered eating or struggling with body image. All the diet talk, the moralization of food at family gatherings and office parties, the relentless marketing of gyms and weight loss companies around the New Year—it can feel very triggering and isolating for anyone trying to disentangle themselves from diet culture and make peace with their body.

I am offering a one-time support group to discuss disordered eating, food shaming, body image and related issues during the holiday season. My intention is to provide a safe space for participants to explore the challenges they face this time of year within a Health At Every Size/Body Positive framework. This group is not a space to discuss “staying on track,” “clean eating,” or “working off” holiday meals—except in the context of challenging these concepts for oneself.

The group will run from 4:30-6 on Sunday, November 18 at Threshold Wellness. There is a sliding scale fee of $20-40. Space is limited, so please contact me at to enroll. 

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