Headache Workshop

This online workshop combines self-massage and somatic techniques to tend to our head, that place that does so much. Did you know many heads weigh about 11 pounds, more than most newborn babies? This place is there for us when we want to connect with others, take in the world through our senses, and communicate. When we attend to it in new ways we get new results. Let’s give our heads nurturing, care and support, to relieve pain, lighten the load on our neck and shoulders, and allow more flow.   

This is intended for you if you:

  • have frequent headaches
  • feel stuck in your head
  • want to connect with your body and emotions in a new way
  • want to gather some tools and techniques to feel better anytime

Learn more about the teachers at their websites : Ambrose and Julia

Date: Thursday, July 28th 6pm-7:45pm

Where: Zoom link provided upon registration

Cost: Sliding scale $35-$142 (pay what you can)

Headache Workshop – Pay what you wish

For more info, email Julia @ thresholdwellness.com