Couples Foot Massage Workshop

PLEASE NOTE! Due to popularity we are moving this workshop to this nearby location:

171 W. Thompson St. 19122


Join me, Julia Taylor, for an evening of self-care and bonding.  Stock up on some killer moves, bond with a loved one, and walk away on clouds.  No matter your height, the bottoms of your skyscrapers need care.  When you and your partner are confident in your ability to give great foot massages, your chances of getting more of them skyrockets!

We’re going to:

  • Soak your feet in rose petal baths while learning basic anatomy of the foot.  In a relaxed state, you can gain and retain information that will let you give more targeted and therapeutic massage.
  • Practice massage techniques that feel amazing and preserve your own hands.
  • Avoid ticklishness.
  • Walk away with simple self-treatment techniques you can use anytime.

I’ve been a massage therapist for ten years and, most recently, have gotten excited about teaching safe and fun workshops to people wanting to massage loved ones with more confidence and skill.  My teaching style is silly, knowledgeable, and trauma-informed.  I approach workshop with a reverence for all bodies just as they are.

All couples and identities welcome.

Sliding scale price per couple: $35-$75

Friday, July 13th 6-7:30pm

Email with questions.

Couples’ Foot Massage Workshop

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