Conscious Connected Breathing with Ambrose Sappho

Join us for Conscious Connected Breathing Workshops.  Three offered this summer.

June 25th, July 23rd, August 27th

10 AM- 1 PM 

All loving relationships begin within ourselves. When we give ourselves love and acceptance, only then we can truly love others. Clear communication is the basis for all loving relationships. However, many people are stuck in patterns that tend to block their health, prosperity and enlightenment or aliveness. Many of these patterns are unconscious and stem from childhood, and so we create situations for ourselves that we think are outside our control. These patterns will repeat themselves until they are identified and interrupted with conscious awareness and intention.

Using relationship tools, self-discovery processes, creative thinking techniques, and most importantly, the gentle and powerful tool of Conscious Breathing, you are able to:

*Make Love the basis of ALL your relationships — beginning with your relationship with yourself

* Communicate more clearly and tell the truth faster

* Learn to ask for and receive what you actually want

* Bring more of what you love into your occupation

* Recognize patterns in love life, work life, and home life, and learn to change the behaviors to change the patterns

* Accept and enjoy your body without judgement

* Feel fulfilled in your sensuality

* Enter your natural state of love and bliss

* Integrate your spirituality in practical, fun ways

* Heal our current relationships, and/or Attract the relationships we truly want

* Breathe and live more deeply, fully, and without inhibition

Registration : Contact Ambrose Sappho with questions or to register at Cost of attendance is $63. 

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When : June 25th July 23rd and  August 27th from 10am-1pm.

Where : Threshold Wellness, 440 East Girard Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19125


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