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Acupuncture at Threshold!

photo-6Jason Rinker is now accepting new, acupuncture clients on Wednesday mornings and Friday afternoons.  One-on-one sessions are tailored to meet your needs.  First session is 60 minutes and may include cupping, use of herbs, and/or therapeutic touch.  Book your first appointment at

Bach Flowers for Transitions

Taught by Noga Kreimens-Millerphoto-4

Throughout life, people can undoubtedly count on changes or transitional phase.

Having life throw a major curve ball your way can leave you longing for the way things were. But growing up is all about learning to leave some things behind in order to embrace the new. Dealing with a unsettling transition may not be easy, but there are ways to keep your sanity intact — and to turn the challenges into opportunities for growth.

Did you ever wish you had a simple tool to ease the process? Well, there is!

  • How and when to use the remedies
  • Most common emotional challenges during transitions and the specific remedies for treating them
  • A protection guided meditation (you will LOVE it!)
  • Using Rescue remedy for every day stresses
  • And more…

The Bach Flower Remedies® are a safe and natural method of healing. They gently and safely restore the balance between mind and body by transforming negative emotions and attitudes to positive ones. 

The Bach Flower Remedies® allow peace and happiness to return and stimulate the body’s own capacity to heal itself.

There are 38 remedies, each one for a different type of personality, situation or emotional state.

They are 100% safe for the whole family including babies, children, pets and even plants, and for every stage in life including pregnancy and breastfeeding.

To sign up please email Noga and be sure to mention that you’re interested in the Philly class.

The workshop will be held on Saturday, March 22rd from 4pm-7pm
Cost is $35 if you preregister or $75 at the door
More info, go to



Bach Flower for Doulas

photo-3Noga Kreiman-Miller, doula of eight years and Bach Flower user and teacher for 16, is coming from NYC to offer our community this workshop.  Professional, interactive and fun, this workshop promises you’ll learn:


  • How to use the remedies during pregnancy and to prepare for Birth and postpartum.
  • Most common emotional challenges during that time and the specific remedies for treating them
  • Challenging labors – how to help when labor is – stalled, stuck, fast, slow to start and more
  • The one exercise you can do with moms and their partners to help reduce fear and anxiety (and you will be amazed by the results!)
  • How to take care of yourself so you can be fully present to support

“I took Noga’s Bach Flower Workshop for Birth Professionals last year.  It was amazing.  Noga hand chose some of the most important remedies for our laboring clients, introduced us to them in detail and shared exactly when and how to use them.  Noga’s connection to the remedies is tangible, and she shares so much in this workshop with her passion for them and expertise as a doula.  I left feeling like I had new tools to support my doula clients and that I had begun a journey into the wonderful world of bach flower remedies!  I would recommend this workshop for any doula or birth professional looking to bring in new tools to their practice and help their clients have great birth experiences.”  -Vivian Lord, Naturopathic Doctor

The workshop will be held on Sunday, March 23rd from 11am-2pm
Cost is $35 if you preregister and $75 at the door
More info on a similar course on

To sign up please email Noga and be sure to mention that you’re interested in the Philly class.