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Somatic Wellbeing for Visionaries and Leaders Community and Training Program

Calling all Creative Visionaries, Entrepreneurs, Self-Employed,Artists, Activists, Community Leaders, and Dreamers!

The Visioning Body Presents: Somatic Wellbeing for Visionaries and Leaders Community and Training Program

with Lee Fogel

Feb-May 2014.

What the Program Includes

  • 8 experiential small-group workshops (35 contact hours) designed specially for leaders, creatives and entrepreneurs, and catered to the needs of individual participants:
  1. Holding Space for Your Body — Tracking sensations and tending your somatic needs as a leader and creative person.
  2. Rest, Digest, Activate – Supporting your on physiological and emotional cycles of relaxation, digestion and taking action.
  3. Community and Support – Exploring needs, desires and somatic methods for witnessing and peer support.  Learning to pay attention and honor your somatic sense of boundaries.
  4. Riding your flow of Emotions  — Honoring fear, excitement, shame, etc. and moving with grounded creativity.
  5. Re-envisioning Time  Learning to move with and organize time in ways that support you most.
  6. Let the Body Dream your Callings — A playful and embodied approach to life visioning.
  7. Money on the Mind, Money on the Body — Tending yours somato-emotional relationship to money.
  8. Celebrating and Honoring your Journey — Developing art of celebration during an ongoing process of visioning and creation.
  • 3 hour-long Private Sessions to support your unique process and projects, and to help you integrate approaches learned in the workshops.
  • Lessons, exercises and group activities designed based on your particular projects, needs and interests.
  • Prompts and materials to inspire your work and self-care in between sessions.
  • 1 Group Distant Reiki session to support your process, projects, and the group community.
  • A one-one-one follow-up conversation focusing on next steps in your process.
  • An online Graduates Forum, encouraging continued community after you complete the program.

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Private Yoga Sessions

Amy is so excited to be offering private assisted Yoga sessions at Threshold Wellness! For Yogi’s and Non-Yogi’s alike, we can all learn and benefit from some private assisted Yoga. If Yoga isn’t for you, right now, keep reading. There’s more exciting stuff below.

Yogis: Do you ever feel like you could be getting more out of Yoga?Meet your personal goals—alignment, greater concentration, balance or more flexibility. Get some personal attention for your achy bits. Try poses that you can’t do on your own.

Non-Yogis: Think that you can’t do Yoga? Learn without the pressure of keeping up with a class. Gain the strength, flexibility and confidence to start a regular practice. For Yogi’s and Non-Yogi’s alike, we can all learn and benefit from some private assisted yoga.

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Also, for the Yogi, Non-Yogi, or Reiki lover in your life who could use a big dose of love and care, I am offering gift-certificates!  Click here for more on that.