Welcome to Threshold!

Threshold Wellness is a wellness collective offering a variety of services including massage therapy, psychotherapy, naturopathic medicine, art therapy, and acupuncture.  We are open seven days a week, by appointment.  Threshold is a safe and inclusive space, welcoming to the multitudes and intersections of identities.

Massage and Bodywork

Monday – Julia Taylor

Tuesday – Missy Meyers, Peter Richan

Wednesday –  Missy Meyers

Thursday – Missy Meyers

Friday – Peter RichanJulia Taylor

Sunday – April Shaver

Therapy and Psychology

Monday Ariana Tosatto, Beth E. Jellinek

Tuesday Ariana Tosatto, Anastasia Fujii

Wednesday – Ariana TosattoAnastasia Fujii, Beth E. Jellinek,  Carrie Powell

Thursday – Ariana Tosatto, Anastasia Fujii,  Beth E. Jellinek, Carrie Powell

Friday – Ariana Tosatto, Anastasia Fujii, Dr. Kateryna Dukenski

Saturday – Ariana Tosatto, Carrie Powell

Naturopathic Medicine

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, alternating Fridays and Saturdays – Tara Nayak


Monday, Thursday – Bec Jimenez

Art + Admin

Office Manager – Taylor Cawley

Ceramics + more – Jarmel Reitz

21 thoughts on “Welcome to Threshold!

  1. Hi Owen,
    I’m looking forward to meeting you! Your website looks beautiful and is so clear. See you Friday!


  2. I would like to buy a gift certificate for my mother in law. She would most likely want to use it this Friday morning, Monday or Wednesday morning for a massage. Do you have availablities any of those times?
    Also I would like to pay for it and pick it up sometime today, Tuesday oct. 20th
    Thank you!

  3. Hi – I’m looking to purchase a gift certificate for a message for my adult daughter who lives in South Kensington. Can you email me to let me know how I can do this. Please leave a phone number as well

  4. I am interested in your services ,however I am new to the holistic world so I am unfamiliar with what would be best .I was wondering if I could possibly set up an appointment with someone who would be helpful in guiding me with this.Thank you so much

  5. Requesting appointment for accupunture therapy. I have been suffering from headaches/migraines and want an alternative means of therapy. Not sure if this will help but open to the idea. Thank you.

  6. Hi Karen,

    I apologize for the delay! I hope by now you’ve found relief for your sciatica and arthritis. We would be happy to support you wherever you are. Please feel free to call or book online using the scheduler on the site.


  7. Good Morning,

    I have severe sciatica and low back pain, I would do pain surgery, but, as a last resort. I am at the point of not able to walk and on pain meds. I am a very active person and hate taking the pain meds. Please contact me ASAP to let me know if this is something you do.

    Thank you

    Donna Hjazi

  8. I wanted to schedule an appointment for today for a reiki massage but didn’t know the times available or the cost my name is crystal and my number is 2676487671

  9. Hello,

    To you have anyone with massage experience for TMJ disorder (mine is muscle related), and/or with trigger-point massage for the same?


  10. Hello,

    My brother is in the last days of his life and I’m looking for a Cranial Therapist who might work with the dying. I am in Colorado( Boulder) and would love to give my brother this treatment.

    1. Hi Mark! Yes, several of us are trained to give Craniosacral Therapy through the Upledger Institute. Feel free to email me Julia @ threshold wellness.com and we can talk more so I can direct you to the best person. Thanks for reaching out!

    1. Unfortunately, none of the practitioners here bill insurance directly. We can provide you with information you need to try to get reimbursed, though. I hope this helps!

    1. Yes, we do. Any of the massage therapists listed on our website will be able to do this type of work with you. Thanks for reaching out!

  11. Hello,

    I am a licensed professional counselor looking to be an independent practitioner in close proximity to other independent healers. Your collective sounds amazing. I am a fully trained DBT Skills Group Therapist. I could bring this well sought after therapy into the River Wards And beyond. Do you have space for another practitioner? Do you have a room big enough to run a group of 5-8 people. What would you charge To be part of your collective or just someone who leases space from you

  12. Hello!
    I had a friend recommended your wellness place to my wife & I. I have a foot issue (stiff/sore) and think I need some massage. Can you recommend right person? Had a left a message for someone and didn’t hear back. All good! Let me know

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