Welcome to Threshold!

Threshold Wellness is a wellness collective offering a variety of services including massage therapy, psychotherapy, naturopathic medicine, art therapy, and acupuncture.    We are open seven days a week, by appointment.  Threshold is a safe and inclusive space, welcoming to the multitudes and intersections of identities.

Massage and Bodywork

Monday – Julia

Tuesday – Missy & Peter

Wednesday –  Missy , Julia & Seyaki

Thursday – Missy & Seyaki 

Friday – Peter, Julia & April

Saturday – April

Sunday – April, Julie


Tuesday Ariana Tosatto, Anastasia Fujii, Jenny Weinar

Wednesday- Ariana TosattoBeth E. Jellinek,  Anastasia Fujii

Thursday – Anastasia Fujii,  Beth E. Jellinek, Jenny Weinar

Friday – Ariana Tosatto

Saturday – Jenny Weinar

Naturopathic Medicine

Mondays, Wednesdays, Frirdays, and the last Saturday of each month – Tara Nayak


Mondays,Thursday, Friday –  Bec Jimenez

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    1. Hi Mark! Yes, several of us are trained to give Craniosacral Therapy through the Upledger Institute. Feel free to email me Julia @ threshold wellness.com and we can talk more so I can direct you to the best person. Thanks for reaching out!

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